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POTW Rehash

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Hey, guys. Sorry for the delays in getting the POTW running in a more timely fashion. Wetpixel moderator Herb Ko has agreed to help us out with running the POTW, so things should be smoother in the future. Thank you, Herb!


Also, there seems to be some confusion in POTW rules. I've changed the wording to: "Submitted images cannot be prior competition or Wetpixel POTW winners. Any one person may win up to $90/year in POTW prizes. Feel free to enter the POTW as many times as you want, as long as you do not submit images that have already won."


As long as you haven't won too many major competitions, you are free to participate in the POTW as much as you'd like to, with one caveat: you can't win more than $90 in POTW prizes per year (3 wins). If this happens, we'll probably select two winners for the week in question and award the prize to the second winner.

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