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SPL A-Series Water Housing Canon Mark MK 1D IV III 5D Fisheye Port Pistol Grip

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SPL A-Series 1D MK IV / III Water Housing (fits 5D MK III - see text)

Very good condition. Works perfectly. Only used a couple of times. Ports have no scratches that might show up on images. O-rings in very good condition. The housing seals tightly. No rust. Pistol grip works great. It is also very easy to manipulate ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-stop. A-Series housings are made of light-weight aluminum and belong to the most durable housings on the market. The removable pistol grip (included) has a two stage trigger similar to the shutter buttons of most DSLRs. The housing has an option to add a detachable flash housing (not included).


  • SPL A-Series Canon 1D Mark IV water housing
  • SPL Front Plate
  • SPL Fisheye Port incl. neoprene port cover (fits lenses like Tokina 10-17, Sigma 15 2.8)
  • SPL Short Flat Port incl. neoprene port cover (fits lenses like Canon 50mm 1.8)
  • SPL Pistol Grip
  • SPL wing nuts
  • Rubber seal lubricant
  • Spare screws

Please contact me in case you are unsure if your lens will fit the ports.

The housing is designed to fit a Canon 1D MK4 (camera not included). The 1D MK3 also fits the housing. The following buttons are accessible when a 1D MK4 /MK3 is placed inside the housing:

  • Shutter Button
  • Shutter Speed Dial
  • +/- Button (Exposure Compensation / Aperture Button)
  • ISO Button
  • Quick Control Dial
  • SET Button inside Quick Control Dial

I used a Canon 5D MKIII inside the housing by adding some removeable padding. The position of most buttons on the 1D MKIV and 5D III is very similar when you add approx. 40mm of padding to the bottom of the 5D MK III. Check www.camerasize.com for more details. The padding was removed for the photos. However, if you are planning on using a 5D MKIII inside the housing, please let me know and I'll add the padding back to the housing for free before packing it for shipping. With the padding, I was able to access the following buttons:

  • Shutter Button
  • Shutter Speed Dial
  • WB (White Balance) Button
  • AF Drive Button
  • ISO Button

I haven't tested it out, but I can imagine that with some adjustments to the padding a 5D MKIV or 5D MKII might also work.

Looking for 990€ - US$1060 - negotiable

Worldwide shipping

Contact: tim@kahlhofen.de




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