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Gear question

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Hi folks


Until now, I have only taken a GoPro down on dives (last time with bull sharks in Fiji) and every time I was disappointed by the colour cast and the lack of photoshop flexibility (Imagine my disappointment). I need RAW and flexibility, and my Hero 3 does neither.


So, I wanna photograph in the deep blue with better IQ and am wondering how best to proceed. I have read some of the theory and watched a couple of videos.


My gear:

I own a Sony APS-C mirrorless a6000 with the 16-50mm kit, the Sigma 19mm f/2.8 and the Samyang 12mm f/2


Considering the crop, the kit is a 24mm on the wide end, the Sigma a 28mm and the Samyang a 18mm in full frame terms.


What I understand it boils down to:

Underwater = Wide or macro. Macro is not my piece of cake. Wide it is then.


I do not like the kit lens that much on the wide end to be honest.

I'd prefer to use the Samyang or the Sigma.

The Samyang (great lens by the way) is manual aperture and focus, but i guess prefocus and stopping down could get me there???


So, here go the questions:

Is a 19mm (APS-C = 28mm full frame) wide enough?

Would you guys shoot a 12mm (18mm) manual lens under water?

Or should I initially use the kit lens at the wide setting and live with the horrible corners?


Currently I am leaning towards the Meikon housing.


Thanks for reading this!



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Every camera has it's good and not so good.

I like GoPros for alot of things but the footage

does require more care - filtration, external lighting.


The Sony a6000 series of cameras is really good.

Compact, decent specs (particularly with the a6500)

If you are comfortable with zone focusing or presetting

your focus for a specific distance along with stopping down

a bit you should be fine with the 12mm. Another option that

I personally like is the Zeiss Touit 12mm which has AF and

great image quality.

I do not find 28mm wide enough for most WA UW images.

Good for some fish portraits etc. tho....


You might consider trying macro too. Your feelings might

change one you capture an amazing blenny etc. :)


The Meikon housings seem to be decent though I've never

personally shot with one.

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I have the Sony a6000 and the Meikon housing with the wet wide angle lens, which I intend to use for scuba diving in Hawaii next month (in 2 weeks, actually :-)


I'm going to use the Sigma 19mm for wide angle. The other option I have for this is the Sony 16mm pancake, but that one vignettes in the Meikon housing--both with and without the fisheye conversion lens attachment (which I found out, regrettably, *after* I'd cut off the petals of the lens hood on the converter, to make it fit).


I've looked at the Samyang 12mm, with an eye to buy one for use in UW WA...but, according to the dimensions listed on B&H, it won't fit in the Meikon housing. Or, am I wrong, in this supposition? Will it fit? I'd be delighted, if that were the case. Or, if there's another wide angle lens that will fit the Meikon a6000 housing without vignetting. Does anyone know of such a lens?

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