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I’ve recently acquired the Meikon 40m housing for the Sony a6000. I’m pleased to find that the Sigma 19mm and 30mm f/2.8 lenses fit this housing; yes, but what I really want to shoot with is a fisheye lens.


It does not, however, appear as though there is a fisheye lenses for this setup. Every fisheye lens that I’ve found online for the Sony e-mount is too large to fit the Meikon housing. (If anyone knows of one that I’ve missed, please please pretty please tell me of it! :-)


I do happen to have the Sony 16mm pancake lens, with the fisheye adapter. This won’t fit the Meikon housing, of course, due to the built-in petal lens hood on the adapter -- so I cut it off, enabling the lens to fit.


Alas, but the lens-with-adapter suffers from vignetting in the Meikon housing! I can’t understand it, the lens is right up against the glass of the port; how can there be vignetting? Does anyone have the answer to this? Or, a suggestion for a possible solution? Or, knowledge of a fisheye lens for the Meikon a6000?

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