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Just got a message from Retra that they will delay shipping until mid-January 2020. 

Although I am disappointed because I will not have their new strobes for my December trip I am not surprised in the slightest. Recently I spoke with a friend who is working in development of a strobe product in the beauty industry (hair removal is basically strobes) and after inspecting the specifications of the upcoming strobe by Retra he was surprised they handled it on such short term. They must have a team of super focused engineers and super hard working ones too. 

Anyway I am glad to hear they are putting quality before delivery dates because I plan to use the strobes for many more diving trips.

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I had the fortunate opportunity to try a set of pre-production Retra Pros on a recent trip in Raja Ampat. As part of a rotation of eager test-divers I used them on 2 consecutive wide angle dives. (Other equipment: D800 and Nikon RS13)

My impression, similarly to other's is as follows:

- WOW - what a lot of light! And nice quality light too (with the softening filters in place)

- Much more powerful, even at 50%, than my trusty Inon Z240s

- That power comes at a cost of eating batteries rapidly; to be "safe" the batteries were changed after every dive as one dive (~ 200 shots using 25%-100% strobe power setting) brought fresh off the charger Eneloop "Black" batteries from 100% (full green) to yellow advisory charge state.

- The led color indicator is a useful way to get rapid info on the state of the strobe/ batteries/ readiness

- I appreciate the ability to program for custom settings and gain info about the strobe via an app, but wonder how useful those functions would really be in the future. With few reference points for comparison what does the number of strobe activations "mean"?


Do I want a set? Absolutely!

Do I want to be an early adopter?  At nearly $1000 USD/ strobe it's a big investment. I would certainly want any/ all the "bugs" worked out especially as service from the USA adds a level of difficulty/ expense.

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