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Ikelite Underwater Photo Equip! Canon EOS 750D, Rebel T6i, Kiss X8i - $3200

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Excellent set up! Only used on 3-4 underwater dives. Just not physically able to take on this venture yet health wise and also not sure underwater photography is "my" thing at this time. No scuffs, scratches, rough treatment on the housing or anything else, unless listed. No salt water build up/corrosion, EXTREMELY clean. Almost Mint!! Like new! I still have all boxes and manuals I received. Please visit ikelite.com for more information on item part numbers and their original prices.

Underwater Ikelite TTL Housing for Canon EOS 750D, Rebel T6i DSLR (6871.75)
- Tray with dual quick release handles
- Control, push button tip assortment to replace parts
- Housing Mount for Mini-C Light (4074.3)
- Housing Mount for GoPro Video Cam
- Heavy duty, stainless steel clips and solid fabric fastener for use
to clip to yourself while diving

- Ikelite DS160 Strobe Kit with Sync Cord/ Li-Ion, 2nd Gen (4060.34)
*** Please note, you will need to buy an arm for the strobe, it's the one piece of equipment I have used regularly w/my GoPro and has much wear.
- Dome Diffuser for DS160 Strobe (4069.2)
- Dichroic Excitation Filter for DS160 (4069.1)

- Modular 8-inch Dome Port w/neoprene cover
**This was used on the 4 dives. Has minimal scuffs (as in, a highly respected photographer/instructor had me place a piece of blue tape over the dome and snap a photo, I didn't even see the blue tape in the photo). The kit is at Samy's Camera being evaluated and I will ask them if they can buff it out.

- Modular Glass Flat Front Port w/vinyl cover (5510.35)
- Yellow Barrier Filter for DSLR Flat Port (6441.17)

- Modular 2.75 inch Lens Extension (5510.11)
- Modular 3.5 inch Lens Extension (5510.16)
- Modular 4.25 inch Lens Extension (5510.24)
- Strap wrench to remove extensions (0945.01)

- Universal zoom sleeve & clamp set. Up to 2.8-in diameter (5509.27)
- Universal zoom sleeve & clamp set. 2.8 to 3.0-in diameter (5509.28)

- Small box of misc items: 2 extra O-rings, o-ring silicone lubricant, extra screws, microfiber cloths

SIDE NOTE** I do have the Canon T6i and lenses that I bought some of these extensions for.

Lenses are a Tokina AT-X 107 NH FishEye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5, Tamron 60mm Macro sP AF 2.0 Di II LD [iF], and Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 Wide Angle (67mm). Each is still under extended warranty by either Samy's Camera or B&H Photo. I may have UV Filters & Circular Polarizers (with cases), as well. I would consider selling my lenses or a lens and camera if they went WITH the under-water set up and at their fair price. I still shoot nature, landscapes, portraits, macro, etc. so I would always find a use for them.

Thank you for looking at this listing! We appreciate your time. This item is listed on local Craigslist, various Facebook Marketplaces and photography selling pages. I will definitely mark it as SOLD when it sells!

**Please email: smrich79@att.net









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If it hasn't sold yet I am interested in the Modular 3.5 inch Lens Extension (5510.16). Let me know if it is available and your asking price

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Hi -- I'm interested in the - Modular 2.75 inch Lens Extension (5510.11) please let me know if it's available and what your asking price is for it. Thanks!



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I know that it is much easier to sell all at once but like the above replies, if you decide to split it up i would be interested in the excitation and yellow filters. Let me know, Thanks

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