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Middle aged fat guy gets the gear , now what

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Hello there ,


I'm a 57 year old 270lb strong and fat guy who scuba dives and free dives ( 20 meters , not so deep by local standards ) and swims laps and im a pretty strong guy living in PH .


We have a big wave here an hour flight away that is a reef break and my friend broke his back on that

reef . Cloud 9 , surrounded by other breaks . I am Florida Panhandle or Kuta Beach type body boarder .


My guess is that I could try getting behind the wave when it is larger or to stay out of the surf when it is larger and I guess my question is that can a guy be careful , is not getting pushed into the reef inevitable

or is it avoidable . I won't know until i get out there .


Another option is to work with the 70-200 and keep some distance.


My objective is to simply have fun in the water , my idea is though I can't surf I can physically get into the wave .


Kuta on Bali is also an option for me ( us ) , I like

that place and it is a sand break with the season now approaching there and waning here.


In any case glad to find this forum , my current gear is the D500 , Aquatech Housing , and Tokina 10 -17 fisheye ( no 70 - 200 0 with respective port )


There is a guy in Plato's Republic who says that a brave man is a man who has the knowledge of the things he should be afraid of and of the things he should not worry about.


I guess i'm not sure if I should worry about getting cut up by a reef , if it is avoidable , or if it is simply the price one pays when getting into a reef break


thinking out loud , cheers

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