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Sony A850 (Full Frame 24Mp) and BS-Kinetic Housing and everything

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I am selling all my UW Photo set as I stop diving.
All items have been always well taken care of.
Camera (Sony A850 , http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/reviews/digital-slrs/sony-alpha-a850) has 4000 actuations and really looks like new. Sensor has been professionally cleaned.
All lenses are perfect, no dust, no scratches, no mold... etc.
The housing has never been flooded, and perfectly maintained. All O-Rings checked.
The housing has a built-in leak detector (LED and accoustic)
Comes with the standard viewfinder and a complete set of spare parts (o-ring, accessories)
the 2 ports come with rear cap to protect the baionet, as well as neopren cover to protect the glass
The dome port has really NO scratches.
The 3 strobes (2 for macro and 1 for the wide-angle/fisheye) have been services by Subtronic and works perfect.
Expect minimum 150 strobes per charge at full (1:1) output and 400 strobes 1/4 power (1:4) what I used most of the times. Hence 3 dives per day without any problem before recharging.
Complete set as new was more than 12,000€.
Current market price of each item would put it at 6,200€.
I will let it go at 4,000€ to be discussed.
I pay the shipping fee to any country with SwissPost PostPac International ECONOMY (15-30 days delivery).
SwissPost PostPac International PRIORITY is 70€ more for a delivery in 5-10 days that i will let decide.
I would accept payment via Bank transfer to Switzerland.
I am also OK with PayPal if we share the costs, maybe easier for you. (I believe around 100€ each)
Here is the full list.
Photo gear Market price as used Sony A850 Full Frame DSLR 500 Minolta 16mm f2.8 Fisheye 375 Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro 420 Sigma 12-24 f3.5-5.6 II DG HSM 475 Minolta 20mm f2.8 250 Housing BS-Kinetic for Sony A850 1000 Super Wide Angle (8.5") Dome Port 800 Flat MacroPort 120 200 Extension Ring 30 100 Extension Ring 50 100 Extension Ring 60 100 O-rings and set of accessories 0 Strobes Subtronic Mini + charger 400 Subtronic Mini + charger 400 Sync Cable S6-N5 85 Sync Cable S6-N5 85 Subtronic GAMMA + Charger 600 Sync Cable N6-N5 85 Arms and Tray Tray 0 I-Das 10cm (x4) 100 Clamp (x6) 150 TOTAL 6225








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Je suis intéressé par les flash


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