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Olympus 9-18mm and Zen WA-100 Dome For Sale

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Hi, Im selling my olympus 9-18mm lens and zen dome.


Reason for selling is due to me wanting to concentrate on macro.


both items are in great condition and have been very well looked after. The Dome port comes with a neoprene protective cover i handmade.


I have had the dome adapted and have machined the inner wall to Allow the 12-40mm Olympus PRO lens to installed and used. I have been using the 12-40mm PRO lens and 9-18mm with great success and it makes this dome a great addition to Olympus set up. I can also include the zoom ring for Pro lens which I had 3D printed by a friend. It really works well.


Note- a 25mm Extension port is required for dome to allow full zoom on the Pro lens and this will not be included in the sale as I need it for the Olympus 60mm macro lens.


They will have to be sold as a pair.


UK based




Buyer to pay paypal charges and postage. please contact me for more details and pictures.


Regards Kevin






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Hello Kevin,

I'm interested in this combo.


I'm already equipped with 60 macro set up and looking foward do expand in Wide angle.


I live in Italy.


Thank you.



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