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John Doe

URSA Mini Pro

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So at NAB the Ursa Mini Pro had new modules released.


Specifically this;


In addition to making DaVinci Resolve 14 better software for audio professionals, Blackmagic also announced new modules and functionality for the URSA Mini Pro:


Bluetooth Capability: The Bluetooth tech in the camera has lain dormant until now. With Blackmagic's new app, users can now control settings and make notes remotely. This is ideal for situations where the camera is in high (jib, crane) or low (underwater) places.



"This is ideal for situations where the camera is in high (jib, crane) or low (underwater) places."



SSD Module: This module allows direct recording to your choice of approved SSDs for improved workflow with RAW files. The URSA Mini Pro is now capable of flexibly recording to CFast 2.0, SD UHS and SSD, making it one of the most versatile cameras on the market in terms of media. The module attaches flush in between the back of the camera body and the battery plate, and is powered by the camera itself.


Native Nikon Mount: Building its repertoire of native mount options, the URSA Mini Pro has added Nikon to the list. The mount is a dumb mount—meaning no electronic communication between camera and lens (for aperture, etc)—but is ideal for the oft-used manual Ai Nikons

Does this mean that housing manufacturers could now make a housing for the URSA Mini Pro? I believe the reason there was no housing for the original URSA mini was because all the controls were behind a fold out door, meaning there was no real way to be able to control the camera without having the fold out door open and thus not realistic for the camera to be mounted in a housing.
But now the camera can be operated by bluetooth it should mean that the camera can be operated with its door closed thus housing size can be kept acceptable. So all it needs is a Bluetooth control module built into the housing. Should be doable.
I wonder if we will now see a housing for the URSA Mini Pro .
Here's looking at you Nauticam - if anyone can do this, it's them. Build one and i will buy it. Anyone else ?
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