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For sale is my Nikon D7000 camera body and my Ikelite D7000 Housing Kite. $4,000.00


Click on the links below to view larger image.


6801.70 – Ikelite D7000 Housing

9523.68 – Tray With Handles

5510.45 – 8’ inch Dome Port

5510.11 – Superwide Port Body - This currently attached to the 8" Dome Port

5502.41 – Flat Port 4.1 in/10.4 CM, Long

5510.22 – FL Extension Port Body 4.125 inch

5509.29 – Speed Zoom Sleeve and Clamp

9059.8/0073 – Universal Zoom Set 2.8 inch Dia.

3944.90 - DS160 DX1 Pkg. With Cord

3944.0 – DS160 Strobe

4103.52 Ikelite dual TTL Strobe Cord

4066.10 Ikelite Strobe Smart Charger


Click on the Images below to see full size version.





I also have an SPL Waterhousing for the Nikon D7000 with dome port for Surf Photography. If you buy the SPL Housing and the Entire Ikelite Kit above for $5000.00 by itself $1200.00.



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If you're willing to separate the items, I'm interested in the 8' dome port, the superwide port body, & the FL extension port body.

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