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For Sale: SPL Waterhousing for Nikon D7000

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I am selling my SLP Waterhousing for surf photography. I purchased this surf housing brand new from SPL Warehousing in San Diego for $1699.00 USD. I used this several time taking images for friend and family surfing in Southern California.


This SPL Waterhousing is designed for the Nikon D7000 camera body. When I purchased the surf housing new, I bought it with the Flat Port. I didn’t have a fisheye lens at the time so to be compatible with the Nikon Nikkor 18-70mm Kit lens. It worked great with that lens I just had a slight bit of vignetting at 18mm. I could also zoom out to 70mm. The 70mm was handy on big wave days if you just did not want to get too close to the close up action in the impact zone.


I am selling my SPL Surfhousing, because I have recently change camera brands and the new Sony brand is not compatible with this housing.


This housing has never been flooded, nor have the seal been compromised in any way. All the glass is scratch free and in pristine condition.


I still have the Nikon D7000 camera body if you are interested in purchasing as a package.


Item that are included.


  1. A-Series SPL Watrehousing (Welded Aluminum)
  2. Flat Port (wide angle)
  3. Neoprene Port Cover
  4. Detachable Pistol Grip with Trigger
  5. Detachable Side Grip
  6. 3/8 nuts
  7. Plastic Wingnuts
  8. GoPro Mount
  9. Silicone Grease


SPL Waterhousing Nikon D7000

A-SERIES camera waterhousings are not dive housings, they are splash rated for water action sports only. Although not made for underwater diving photography, they are great water housings for photographing surfing, sailing, kite boarding, bodyboarding, fishing or many other shallow water activities.


Housings are constructed of ultra light weight aluminum. Sheared, formed on a sheet metal press brake then welded solid by a certified welder. All aluminum is hard anodized to protect against salt water corrosion. The water housing is then painted with industrial powder coat paint.


Features and Controls:


Shutter speed

Manual shutter release

Back focus (by request)

Detachable flash option

Interchangeable Ports

Other controls can be added for an extra cost

Depth Rating:


All housings made by SPL can handle any size surf you have the nuts to swim into.

These are not dive housings and they should not be treated as such.


Weight and Dimensions:


Weight 3 lbs with fisheye port and pistol grip





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This item has been sold.

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