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Complete review on the Sony A6500 with the Fantasea housing

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I just finished testing the Sony A6500 with the Fantasea housing. Absolutely loved it!


I used the 16-50mm lens, and played around with wet lenses underwater. The UWL-09F wide angle lens and the UCL-05LF were the ones I tested.


The Sony A6500 has been gaining a lot of interest lately, both above water and under. In my opinion it's one of the best mirrorless cameras in the market at this point. The price point is a tad high, I would love to see it a couple of hundred dollars less, but it's still a good deal and prices will probably drop soon.


The Fantasea housing is affordable, reliable, very well designed and great for travel. Fantasea put a lot of thought and work into their first mirrorless housing and it paid off!


Read my full review here:



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