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GoPro Hero 4 Black Bundle

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GoPro Hero 4 Black in good condition and good working condition.

This GoPro has an awesome skin on it that makes it stylish and unique. I always got compliments on the look of it. -->Can easily be removed.

Dive housing shows some light superficial scuffs or scratches - normal wear from use. Housings right button itself has some scratches on its edges. The top button itself has a small amount of scratches on the edge - not effecting performance. Refer to photos - zoom in.

GoPro itself only shows signs of normal wear from use - no scratches on the lens and no scratches on the screen - good condition. Refer to photos.

Additional photos can be sent upon request.


GoPro Hero 5 Black with instructions ~ $500 MSRP

Housing with solid backing and skeleton backing


Adhesive mount (hinge not included)

Screw and nut

Dual battery charger with extra battery. Used - normal wear ~ $50 MSRP

Polar Pro Switchblade combo filter - great for macro photography (for use with close up subjects only - red filter for underwater use). This item was only used once. Like new condition without box.

~ $80 MSRP

Polar Pro red filter - for underwater use. Takes away blue/green coloring by adding red. This item is used and only shows signs of normal wear.

~ $30 MSRP

Total MSRP ~ $650

Micro SD card not included. I recommend at least 16GB. Preferably 32GB. I use 64GB. I also recommend GoPros 3 way pole. I use that on land and underwater. It includes a tripod within the handle. I even use the tripod underwater and use it to film myself carving my pumpkin underwater on Halloween!

Bonus items:

A float - for optional adhesive mounting to the back of the GoPro. Useful if snorkeling or on a pole being used from a boat (GoPro will not sink if it comes off) Double sided adhesive would suffice for adding it to the back of the GoPro.

A red filter for the inside of the GoPro (some divers prefer red filters on the inside. I prefer the outside one because it can easily be removed while in use after surfacing)

This GoPro has traveled the world! From diving the Tectonic Plates in Iceland to Diving with Killer Whales in Northern Norway to the Colosseum in Rome and Great White Sharks in South Africa to zip lining in the Amazon Rainforest! I hope that it's next owner continues to take this GoPro around the World! I'm only selling this one because I'm upgrading to the Hero 5.

This package is an underwater lovers dream! The GoPro is the best action cam to capture extreme adventure. My Hero 2 was even inside a great whites mouth and came out without a scratch. What an awesome video that was! Use this GoPro for all your wild adventures and tell your story!

US Seller

Priority shipping to the states

(No international shipping)


Selling price $345

Shipping $5


Don't forget to download the GoPro app on your phone. You can even use your phone as a remote with it!

And Go onto GoPros website and download GoPro studio for easy to use step by step video editing and/or GoPro's Quik for even faster editing.




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