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Nauticam D7000 system plus of other non nauticam stuff

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Hi All,


I recently switched from Nikon to Canon (my wife and I can now travel with more versatility as she shoots canon plus 5dIV sensor is awesome for ambient light). We also have a large collection of accessories that we won't use any more or that we've upgraded from.


NAD7000 + Zen mini dome + Tokina 10-17 + D7000 Body + zoom gear = $2200

The housing works fine - was last in the water in may. Leak alarm does not work. Tokina has the usual issue with the one sleeve being loose where the zoom gear mounts. It has 2 optical bulk heads and on NOT ATTACHED nikonus electrical bulk head as well as 2 electrical hot shoes. I am the only owner of this housing. It was a demo that I purchased from Jack at ocean optical sales about 5 years ago. It had a complete service about 1.5 years ago. Comes with 2 chargers and 3 batteries.


Nauticam compact port 30 + nikon AF MICRO NIKKOR 60 F2.8 + AF-s MICRO NIKKOR 105 1:2.8G ED VR with hood + Woodies Diopter = Macro package add on 800 + 2200 above = 3000. Macro Package alone = $1200

You'll need to buy a compact port base to use the 60 and a compact port 50 to use the 105. I kept the 50 and the base for my new system - sorry.


Sigma 100-300 F4 DG HSM EX with case and hood = $600


Nikonos to Ikelite single sync cords = $75 each, there are 3


Inon UWL - 100 type 2 Wide angle lens = $250


Ikelite Lumix LX-5 housing - make me any reasonable offer.


Nikonos bulkheads without hot shoes - $25 each


Old style Ultralight clamps in groups of 3 = $36 per groups of 3. I have 4 groups of 3

I-DAS clamps group of 3 = $ 30


I don't post here much at all but Mark Strickland, RIchard Salas,the Backscatter team, or Bamboo Reef Monterey can verify my existence (while I haven't been running any trips lately you can also check sharkypeeps.com)



Paypal or cash only. US buyers only. WIll only ship to a US address shipping TBD. Honestly for the big ticket stuff (600 and up) I'd MUCH rather sell this to someone in California. I live in the ventura area my will be at the Monterey Shootout in a few weeks and could meet someone in LA or San Diego, or Monterey for all you SF folks etc.


I can take more photos if necessary and probably toss in some cases spare nuts/bolts, etc with the housing.






Also before everyone starts asking me to part things out please wait. I'm going to give this a few weeks before I go that route.














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I will be in Monterey at the shootout if anyone wants to look at the gear (Aug 24-27). Afterwards I will be selling as individual pieces. Please post if you want better pictures anything specific.

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I am interested in the housing setup and the 60 and 105 lenses. Do not need the camera body, as I already have a d7000.

What is wrong with the leak alarm, if you know? Has the housing ever flooded?


Thank you

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Sigma is sold


the 60 may be sold


I'm around this week so make me offers on individual parts or groups of parts!

If I don't have anything compelling it will all go to reef photo's used section (read as I'm lazy). I will move everything to reef around the 11th.


To answer stressers question it had a very minor flood due to my assembling it in an compartment near an engine room (fumes are great, right? - basically I didn't close one of the latches and jumped in with a mako on the surface, saw bubbles immediately and got back on the boat. It was DAN insured and was fully rebuilt (they said it was marginal and was probably okay but the insurance covered the rebuild - I can hunt down the paperwork and email from backscatter if needed. The alarm didn't work whn returned but I never worried about that as I had a vacuum system installed by Backscatter. The vacuum system was removed an put on the system I upgraded to).



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I suppose this thread is dead, but if not I am interested in nikonos bulkheads (what threading, i.e. 14 or 16 mm thread) and available one inch ball clamps. My email is kensolberg@yahoo.com. Thank you for your response.

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