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FS: Canon S110 WPDC-47 & FULL suite INON LD lenses

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Complete outfit for sale:


Canon S110 camera, 2 batts.

Canon WP DC-47 housing, spare O-Ring

Inon mount base, D4 grip, mount ball and lens holder tray/grip and generic Fibre-optic cable for Inon flash.


Inon UWL H-100 LD wide angle lens, Dome Unit II, Neoprene cover

Inon Micro-Fisheye UFL-M150 (aka 'Bug-eye') lens/LD mount


Two Inon close-up diopter lenses (+6 and +10):

Inon UCL-165

Inon UCL-100


Full set of Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p6hk1w63wwcdrm0/AAAaX4N50h4lxF-wUPjPcDOma?dl=0


€1250 for the lot



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