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FS Aquatica Nikon D7000 complete kit with strobes and lenses

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I am posting this for a friend who is selling his Aquatica kit for the Nikon D7000. It includes 3 transport cases.


Please write to the following address if you have any questions: agauthier1@hotmail.com





AD7000 housing with moisture alarm installed and new battery installed plus one spare


8’’ dome port 18405


8’’ dome shade 18480


Neoprene cover for dome shade 18503


Port extension for tokina 10-17mm 18456


Port extension for Nikon 105mm macro 18453


Rear port cap (2x) 18790


Zoom gear for tokina 10-17mm 48717


AF macro port with neoprene cover 18428


TLC 1’’ ball (2x) 17651


TLC clamp 17800


TLC arm 4x11x11 (2x) 17512


TLC base bracket (2x) 17550


TLC to ikelite ball head adapter (2x) 17692


TLC support for TTL adapter Ikelite 17858


TLC adapter 1’’ ¼-20 17651




Cable dual flash TTL 4103 52


Adapter Ikelite iTTL 4301


Flash DS160 (2x) 4060


4 batteries


1 charger




D7000 body


1 battery


1 charger


8GB SD card (2x)


Tokina 10-17mm lens


Nikon 60mm macro lens

Asking US $ 4,700


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