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For Sale - Nauticam Case for EM-5 and Flat Port 56 for Olympus 14-42mm & 9-18mm and zoom gear.

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All these items are in Alicante / Spain.

This listing includes 4 items:

  • Nauticam NA-EM5 underwater housing for Olympus OM-D EM-5 OMD EM5
  • Nauticam Flat Port 56 for Olympus 14-42mm & 9-18mm lens ($300 new)
  • Nauticam Olympus 14-42mm and 9-18mm Zoom Gear ($150 new)
  • Bluewater Red Filter for 67mm port ($60 new)

All items are used (about 20 dives), and in excellent condition.

I don't want to sell these items separately, this is a whole package. NEW would cost $1960, and I'd like to get $1300 + shipping.

I could consider to sell as well: Olympus EM-5 / Olympus 60mm 2.8 / Olympus 14-42mm / Olympus 9-18mm, but these are easy to sell on ebay, so only looking to bundle any of this if you're buying the underwater case package.

Case description:

This is a Nauticam housing which fits the Olympus OMD EM5. This housing is used, but in good condition. New this housing sells for $1450. It has been dove with approximately 20 times, and has been rinsed and cleaned after every dive. Housing has never flooded.

I'm also selling a Nauticam Flat Port 56 for Olympus 14-42mm & 9-18mm lens which was used for this housing.

This housing does include two extra items which are sold new at $30 each, a hand strap as well as the Nauticam M10 strobe mounting ball, I'll add photographs of the whole equipment in the next couple of days.

General product details from: http://www.nauticam.com/product.asp?id=159KEY FEATURES Nauticam NA-EM5 Housing for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Nauticam has more experience creating underwater housings for compact mirrorless cameras than any other manufacturer in the world. As the Olympus OM-D E-M5 represents a new standard of performance in the popular m4/3 format, Nauticam sought to create a housing that would exploit this new level of capability to the fullest. Designed by underwater photographers to maximize the essential features most important in these specialized circumstances, the new NA-EM5 meets and exceeds expectations in virtually every regard.

All Nauticam housings are designed for ease of use and maintenance and the NA-EM5 builds on this solid foundation. The groundbreaking features of previous housings are present such as the effortless (but secure) single rotating housing latch, rugged machined aluminum case, 100 meter depth rating and the patented port latching system. A new rear mounted housing o-ring makes maintenance easier than ever, while a threaded bulkhead port allows for an HDMI or electrical strobe synch bulkhead installation – advanced features often omitted by mirrorless housing manufacturers. Of course dual fiber optic synch ports are standard and take advantage of the supplied Olympus accessory flash. To make the most of the E-M5’s excellent EVF, Nauticam has crafted an optional rear acrylic display window that encompasses a mount for installation of Nauticam’s acclaimed 45o and 180o magnified view finders for the ultimate in composition and focus ability.

All controls on the NA-EM5 are engineered for optimal ergonomics. The Olympus Main and Sub dials are easily reached by thumb or forefinger with no need to release grip on the housing while adjusting aperture and shutter speed. The important Fn1 and Fn2 buttons are just as easy to reach and can be programmed for a multitude of functions. A few of the useful settings are AF Lock, One-touch White Balance, Manual Focus, ISO and Exposure Compensation. Switching between LV and the EVF is a snap and a quick press of the Info button can show or hide Olympus’ new LV super control panel on the OLED screen for quick access to many critical settings. The mode dial can easily be turned through the typical P, A, S, M, Movie mode and some “easy shooting modes”. Controls need to offer a proper “feel” and Nauticam’s patented two-stage lever shutter release allows for natural, precise focus and shutter release activation. Every one of the features on the new NA-EM5 is engineered to the same exacting tolerances of Nauticam’s now famous line of DSLR housings. That quality will surely be reflected in every picture taken with this remarkably powerful imaging system.

Ports for every Need

A big part of the Micro Four Thirds format’s popularity is a great lens selection for both topside and underwater. Nauticam manufactures an extensive line of compact ports to accommodate many of the best lenses for m4/3. Lenses that are particularly well suited for underwater use include the Panasonic 8mm fisheye, Panasonic 7-14mm, Olympus 9-18mm, Panasonic 14mm, Olympus 14-42, Panasonic 14-42mm, Panasonic 45mm macro, 60mm macro (upcoming), new Olympus 12-50 w/ macro (Supported by a special new Nauticam port for power zoom and macro switch).

Nauticam Build Quality

Only the finest materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes are used to make Nauticam housings. The housing body is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum, then hard anodized making it impervious to salt water and providing an impressive 100 meter depth rating. The large acrylic LCD window is treated with an anti-reflective, scratch resistant coating.

Light and Accessory Mounting, Trays and Handles

The optional Nauticam Flexitray provides a lightweight, compact mounting solution for strobe arms and the NA-EM5 housing. Nauticam uses a sophisticated over-mold process to produce extremely comfortable rubberized ergonomic handgrips. The soft feel and ergonomic design make the housing easy to grip and minimize hand fatigue on long dives. Both single and double handle configurations are available for complete customization, and each handle can be adjusted laterally allowing the user to dial in perfect fit. A hand strap is also available for those wishing an even smaller profile. Nauticam offers a full range of mounting hardware arms, clamps, strobe adapters, and other specialized accessories. Mounting options on the NA-GX1 include mounting balls or t-plates on the tray handles, mounting on the housing, and an accessory cold shoe on the housing. There are myriad ways to mount just about any light or other accessory.

Port description:

Nauticam's glass port for the Olympus mirrorless housings - Nauticam Flat Port 56 for Olympus 14-42mm and Olympus 9-18mm lens, with 67mm thread.

Zoom gear description:

Nauticam Olympus 14-42mm and 9-18mm Zoom Gear - This zoom ring is essential to getting full control over the lens of your Olympus camera. This zoom ring works with both the 14-42 II kit lens and the 9-18mm wide angle lens.

Red Filter description:

Diving in blue-colored water? Use an red filter to color-correct. This adds back in the red spectrum of color that is absorbed by the water and lost when you descend. This filter works well for most diving, but is especially designed for tropical, blue waters. This is a red filter for a 67mm threaded port and will fit all 67mm threaded housings and adapters. Includes a lanyard to attach the filter to your housing so you cannot lose it.

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