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John Doe

Shooting with a 2/3" sensor cam

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I know its completely out of fashion to shoot a 2/3 inch sensor but wondering if anyone here can give me info on which lens range is ideal when shooting a B4 2/3" sensor camera through a dome port. I am considering a prime lens set - in 5, 7,10,14,20,28,40 and 70mm. Which of those is good for reef scenes and fish portraits?. I am not sure how 2/3inch sensor lenses compare to 35mm lenses in terms of FOV


Is there an online calculator somewhere that shows the FOV between 2/3" and 35mm ?


I seem to recall back in the day before the DSLR video boom, that a few here used to shoot on EX1 's and EX3's which i THINK were 1/2" sensors, so close to 2/3"

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