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Kraken de Mabini

FS Aeris Atmos Elite Air Integrated Dive Computer, excellent condition

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Aeris Atmos Air Integrated dive computer with air tank pressure transmitter, in perfect condition, with all factory items, box and case.


Provides all the information you need while diving, including elapsed time, safe diving time remaining, tank air pressure in psi or bars, nitrogen and oxygen saturation as easily understood bar graphs, depth in feet or meters, water temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees and other useful dive information. When ascending, the computer automatically monitors the rate of ascent and starts a timer for the decompression stop. The computer information is easy to read and understand.

On the surface, the computer provides air temperature (F or C), time out of water, dive number, etc. It stores the information of the last 24 dives which can be sent to a computer via cable (not provided). The battery is a standard CR2450 coin battery, easily replaced with the included battery compartment key.
This computer provides all the in-line information provided by other in-line computers, in a compact form and at a fraction of the cost.
The wrist strap is in perfect condition, with a stainless steel buckle. The computer face is protected with transparent tape, or with the included removable plastic window.
The air pressure transmitter screws onto the first stage regulator, and has a new and easily replaceable CR2 battery.
Included: black plastic case, printed manual, laminated plastic card with abbreviated instructions, CD with the manual and other documents, battery case key, protective window for the computer display, red cap for the transmitter screw, and spare CR2450 and CR2 batteries.
$300, Paypal, 68.elias@gmail.com Los Angeles, California. My eBay seller rating is 100%. Free immediate shipping in continental USA, $25 shipping elsewhere.


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