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FS: Nauticam D7200 complete setup for Wide and Macro

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This kit was used ~25 times on a single live aboard trip, and went into a professional rinse tank minutes after each and every dive. It is in pristine condition. State of the art, amazing images and video results leveraging the light capturing ability of the D7200. Priorities shift, kids headed to college - sad to be parting with this fabulous beast.


I am looking to sell it as a complete kit, less only the D7200 body and 60mm lens. Add a D7200 body and 60mm lens and you are ready to dive and shoot anything and everything.


With tax, total cost of this kit was over $12k. Everything except lenses and camera body was purchased from Optical Ocean Sales in Seattle over a two week period. (Optical Ocean is highly recommended if you are purchasing new).


It's a big ticket, so I am open to whatever needs to be done to give comfort that I am not a scam and that this is pristine, like-new equipment. If you are near LAX, SFO, PDX, (or SEA) I may be able to fly the equipment to you and deliver it personally at my expense.


Make me an offer...


I will add a reply if I do not find a buyer for the complete kit and decide to break it up and sell individual bits.


Thank you!





Nauticam D7200 Housing w/ Vaccume valve and intrusion alarm

Zen 170mm Dome Port (for Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye lens)

Macro Port for Nikon 60mm

45 degree view finder

2 x YS-D2 Strobes

Arms, clamps, floats for wide angle and macro setups.

Nanuk Case that fits entire U/W kit (without camera)

All necessary accessories; diffusers, cables, etc.


Also to be included, but not pictured:

Tokina 10-17mm Lens and associated Nauticam Gear


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Hi, if you do eventually split your setup I'd be very interested in the 45 degree viewfinder.

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Thank you all for your interest and offers...


Interest expressed for almost all of the pieces. And one low-ball offer for the whole rig.


I am not an "E-bayer", and I don't have time to manage multiple transactions, so I think selling (attempting to sell) as a set on consignment is next step.


Hoped that an enterprising photog would appear. It is a solid kit, was hoping to let the consignment commission value accrue to a photographer in a direct sale.


Also investigating getting someone locally (Seattle) to handle the split and sale of bits. I appreciate all who have expressed interest in bits, and will contact each of you if the kit does get split.


If you are keen on the housing or several of the other parts, and have experience and time to sell equipment, I would consider financing the split (eg, you pay me something down, sell the equipment, give me a share of remaining proceeds, and thereby get a smoking deal on the bits you want.)


It is a very considered and complete UW setup... I "took the plunge" with this kit and recorded absolutely spectacular images and video of Mantas, sardine balls and Macro.


Thanks again for your time and interest! Amazing community here, I have received much thoughtful, helpful input from you people.



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I never got around to splitting this kit up...


Bumping in hopes of finding someone who wants an amazing deal on a complete setup - maybe part it yourself and get the bits you want.


I am taking offers for bit if any of you who previously pinged are still interested...





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Interested in the dome and the macro port. Let me know if it's still available. I am 15 min from LAX.



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