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Rebreathers and Galapagos Sep 2017

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I'm normally a wreck guy but recently got a chance to spend 3.5 wks diving the Galapagos on a breather. What made the experience so unique was the ability to interact with all the critters "silently". Pete Mesley & Lust4Rust.Co has branched out to add "Aquatic Adventures" to the brand name with an inaugural trip to Galapagos guided by Jorge Mahauad of Galapagos Rebreathers. The diving was simply amazing with up close and personal interactions (so... many different critters that even now I am still in awe!)......it was that good! If you are a breather guy/gal (and even if you aren't) and want some great photo ops, or simply just take it all in, this is the place! Btw there are many very nice posts on Galapagos here....go read them!.





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