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BRAND NEW NAUTICAM NA-D810 for Nikon D810 and all parts!

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All the following parts are brand new. Never been near the water. All original packaging, paperwork, etc. Even the plastic film protectors are still on... Email for pictures and if interested make an offer. henryschmitz@yahoo.com





Nauticam Housing NA-D810 ( I paid $3700.00)


2-Nauticam Fiber Optic Cables 26212 (I paid $100.00 each)


Nauticam Flash Trigger 26303 ( I paid $220.00)


Nauticam HDMI Bulkhead Adapter 25033 ( I paid $100.00)


Nauticam Vacuum Valve 25612 ( I paid $220.00)


Nauticam Viewfinder 180 Degree 32201 ( I paid $1150.00)


2-Nauticam 8" Double Ball Arm 72204 ( I paid $48.00 each)


2-Nauticam 5" Double Ball Arm 72203 ( I paid $45.00 each)


6-Ultralight New Style Clamps AC-CSF ( I paid $30.00 each)


Nauticam Lanyard Set 25222 ( I paid $90.00)


2-Ultralight Ikelite DS Strobe Adapter AD-125 ( I paid $23.00 each)


Nauticam Strobe Mounting Ball Hot Shoe 25311 ( I paid $35.00)


LMI Sola Photo Ball Mount Kit 800-0186 ( I paid $19.00)


Sola Photo 800 with Red Focus Light 850-0175-C ( I paid $280.00)



Remember all this stuff is brand new. Make offers. henryschmitz@yahoo.com


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