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Colour issues with TG5 and lights

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i recently purchased an Olympus TG5 after using a TG1 since its release. I didn't have much time to play with it before our trip so pretty much stuck it in UW wide or UW macro. I use two Hi-max video lights which are very bright (so much so I mostly frighten the fish).


Been sitting trying to thin out my videos and really wishing I'd spent some time on holiday looking at the files while we were there. Everything, including the shallow reef stuff is BLUE! Even in 5m of water, it's very blue and when I try to correct I end up with very flat "beige" footage.


Here are a few examples:


Octopus: shot with video lights, less than 15m and vectorscope of image as shot






Fixed image and vectorscope:






Turtle shot with video lights at less than 10m.


LHS uncorrected; RHS corrected





Corrected image and vectorscope:




I think I know what has happened, I think my lazy use of the UW mode has pretty much cancelled out my video lights. Or the lights have confused the sensor. I'm not sure what WB mode is best for UW with lights, the old TG1 wasn't quite so sophisticated as the new camera.


Any ideas on how to rescue the flat looking footage? Or what is the best setting for UW video with lights on a TG5?





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Not using the TG5 but the TG4, so this might totally irrelevant, but I have had similar experience there. However, my understanding is that you are talking about the jpg version of your shots (as I am doing).

Using the raw data, you can indeed adjust the WB as you see fit (I suppose that that is what you are doing above), provided obviously that you have enough signal. I don't think you can expect a preset WB to get it right in all circumstances. In very diverse environment, you should expect to WB each shot specifically. I personally don't bother, as I am using my camera mostly for memory snapshots, but that's in principle feasible.

This being said, I am using video lights as well (no strobes). If close enough from my subject (I have 15,000 lumens of light), the UW mode does indeed seem to not get it right. I am too lazy to switch back and forth between mode, so I just use the raw version.

Another issue you might have is that you are apparently using your zoom lens (10 m, 15 m for the critter shots). I don't think you should expect anything vivid at these distances. Too much water between the sensor and your subject. Your lights are powerless at these distances. Get closer, dim the lights if that frightens the critters, but reduce the color absorption by water.

Good luck!

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