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Macro lens options for RX100 (Mk1)

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I have an RX100 Mk1 and Nauticam housing for it. I'd like to get some Macro lenses and trying to figure out best options. So far I've narrowed down my plan to a dedicated +5-7 diopter lens and a more powerful +10-13 diopter lens, rather than stacking lower power lenses, because that seems to be a better approach. Given that, what lenses should I get?


SAGA +5 and +10?

Nauticam CMC-2 and CMC-1?

Bluewater +7 and Kraken +12?

SubSea +5 and +10?


I have a Kraken wide angle lens (KRL-4) which I like (for the price), but I ultimately want to get whichever lens will be the best value for money. Ideally don't want to go too expensive on this (the Nauticam solution for example), unless I'm given solid reasons to do so.



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