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Ikelite Canon 5D complete set-up

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I'm a traveling glamour photographer shooting models on beaches. We were going to a remote dive resort in Fiji so I bought this complete set-up last month for their famous tiger shark dives. Didn't get enough free time to do more than 4 total dives with this rig (2 tank shark dive @60', 1hr pool session filming the models doing Discover Scuba class, 1 hr shore dive filming models doing first ocean dive in Discover class). Overall I don't see myself dragging this case around to many other events, I just have too much above water gear to begin with and for lighting I really do enough video it makes sense for me to have video lights.


This kit is as PERFECT as you can get, here's your chance to get a complete rig for half of what you'd normally spend! 100% functional and perfect cosmetic condition. Housing works with the Canon 5D mkIII, 5DS, 5DR and the latest 5D mkIV models (must install the included rubber washer kit). Some of the pieces below have not been used at all (like the flat port assembly I bought to do macro stuff with my 100mm macro lens, only was too busy all week working on above water model shoots to do the nudibranch dives!).

Here's what you get:

Ikelite 6871.03 Housing for Canon 5D Mark III (5D mkiv with included kit below)
Ikelite 5510.45 8" Dome
Ikelite 5510.35 Flat Port Assembly
Ikelite 5509.27 Standard Zoom Clamp/Sleeve
Ikelite 5509.28 Special Zoom Clamp/Sleeve
Ikelite 4070.01 SA-100 Arm/Single Cord Kit
Ikelite 1061.1 DS161 Strobe (x2)
Ikelite 4067 Li-Ion battery (x2)
Ikelite 4067.1 Li-Ion battery charger
Ikelite 4080.02 Double Ball Arm
Ikelite 4080.05 Compact Ball Arm
Ikelite 4080.06 Ultralight Double Ball Arm
Ikelite 5510.28 Port
Ikelite 5510.22 Mod Port
Ikelite 5510.11 Mod Port
Ikelite 4103.51 Single TTL Cord (x2)
Ikelite 4103.52 Dual TTL Cord
Ikelite 9295.02 update kit mkiv (can be reversed and used for mkiii)
Ikelite 945.01 Strap Wrench for port
Ikelite 200.5 Flat port Neoprene Cover


Owners manuals, warranty paperwork, lube, gaskets, tools and spare pieces all included, even the original boxes and padding each came in!


As a bonus, I also have a 3rd party dome housing for a GoPro Hero5. Good to about 15' deep, it's an acrylic dome with a housing for the Hero5, floating handle and removable trigger system that allows you to capture amazing 1/2 below water shots. Perfect for snorkeling or pool work (we used it to film new divers going through their Discover Scuba dive).

Also a Pelican 1615 Wheeled AIR case with foam cut for all of the above (total weight with everything above in the case is only 38 lbs!) with a little bit of room to spare for extras.

Total cost for everything above (obviously, the camera body and lenses are not included!) was around $9,000.00 new. Asking $4,000.00 obo. Might be willing to separate a few of the generic pieces and case if you're just looking for the housing and already have your own lights.


I'm in Philadelphia, PA USA, willing to ship worldwide at buyers expense, or meet anywhere in the greater Try-state area at no charge. PM your email if you'd like higher res or additional pics.









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To publically answer the question of what lenses do these ports match-up with:


You can look at Ikelites spreadsheet to see all the lenses that work but I had them for 15mm sigma f/2.8 fisheye, 40mm canon f/2.8, 35mm sigma f/1.4 art prime, 50mm sigma f/1.4 art prime, 100mm canon f/2.8Lmacro. Those ports fit most of the standard lineup youd use. The 40mm is the pancake lens, the 100mm is one of the longest.


Better list of Canon lenses and matching ports (you need to call Ikelite to get the match-up for Sigma lenses): https://www.ikelite.com/collections/fl-lens-ports

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I am in real need of strobes. If you separate things, let me know.

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Hi there,


Im London based but might care on some of your equipment , could you please contact me on direct email to hamiltonunderwater@gmail.com ?

regards, Philip

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If this package is still available i am interested. Please email me at garcm168@gmail.com

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