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info inon UCL-67

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anyone has tested / reviewed / tried (of found some experience) this lens?



it should be very interesting for me...

it should be +15 diopters and quite small and light

it sounds me like smc1 alternative...


i've got camera d610 (full frame) + 105mm (now i'm using subsee+10 wetlens)
but i would like to see some real shots and opinions...

about color fringing, border sharpnes, easy to focus etc etc


nobody know something?

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My review for UCL-67 M67 +15 closeup lens is in UWPMAG.com back issue issue #98.

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Hi Phil,


Can you compare the ULC-67 to Nauticam's CMC-1 in terms of magnification and optical quality?



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I use INON UCL-67 with Canon 7D + Canon 60 mm macro

I found this combination very good : great magnification ( 10,5 mm fill the long side frame on Canon 7D , so considering 22,5 mm sensor , it means more than x2,1 optical magnification ) , enough working distance even at max magnification , very sharp and limited cromatic aberration . Better using with manual focus to be sure you get max magnification , anyway autofocus work well enough .


here same samples ( 2000 x 3000 ):







hope this can help


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