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Australian govt proposes to cut marine parks

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One article among others:





Very sad news but has to pass parliament, hoping there will be sufficient push back there...


Fishing industry currently has a certain level of activity in non protected zones, which i would hope are sustainable

Clearly if they were, they wouldn’t need to tap into exisitng marine parks

So is it about consciously extending a destructive, non-sustainable practice?

Or does the australian government think people should eat more fish (wtf)?





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Thanks to Nicool, I have posted about the passage of this legislation on the Wetpixel front page:




There is still some way to go before the terrible changes are finalized, and it is being challenged by the AMCS and others:




Please add your voice to this by contacting your senator and making it plain to him/her that commercial fishing in marine protected areas is a really bad idea...



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Thanks guys to share the article.

I have been diving in Australia (mainly GBR) for the last 5 years and the fishing industry has a high level of activities where zone aren't sustainable at all.
There are entire reefs where it easy to see that in the food-chain is missing more than one part.
Some reefs are missing predators and pelagics who keep the balance of the number of the medium size fish.
The GBR Marine Park is trying to do their best, to keep alive one of the most important world wonders. However in the dive industry we often talk how badly the number of Sharks, Tuna or other Pelagics are dropping every week!
The fish ratio in the oceans is becoming scary.
I am sure it's all depend on fish market request and international aggrement (JAP/AUS for example!)

Hope No Profit Companies (Citizen GBR) may get enough power to stop Gov decision.
Thanks again for sahring.



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