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Sony EX1R with Gates housing

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I would like to sell my video system purchased in 2011 for a good price so that it gets used and doesn't just sit in a cupboard.

What I have is

Sony Ex-1R video camera new $5999 (including 4 batteries, 4 x memory cards, chargers, card reader)

Gates EX 1 housing new $6860

Gates SWP44C Fathom Super Wide Port $4948 (has been refurbished and not used since)

Gates EM43 Wide Screen monitor HD version $2325

Gates carry handle $130

DF1000 Audio moisture alarm $167

UR pro internal colour filter Blue Water $138

Total 18,242 US dollars

My price $5000 Australian dollars roughly 4000 US

It's a great package and in excellent condition.

Buyer pays shipping from Australia





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