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Nauticam gh4 housing + camera body

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Time has come to sell my gh4 body and nauticam housing. Selling it as I wont be diving for a while and was thinking of upgrading down the line anyways. The camera has treated me very well and its an excellent system.

The videos in my signature were both shot with this system.

Condition is very good with everything working properly. The s in iso has started to peel off a little and the rubber on the handles have a few very small spots with a little peeling (not sure if its enough to be visible in the photos)


Selling as a bundle for 1700$ which includes the invaluable vacuum valve and pump.


Let me know if you got any more questions and Id be happy to answer them.

Have done quite a few deals here both as seller and buyer previously.


Housing new: 2250$

Camera new: 1000$

Vacuum valve new: 220$

Total new: 3450$


Ps sorry for the bad quality of the pics. Had to shrink them to be able to upload.




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