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Nikon D80 with Sea & Sea Housing, Ikelite DS125 Strobes, Nikkor Zoom Gear, Sync Cords

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Hello WetPixel,

To start, thank you so much for being a wealth of information in the art of underwater photography. I lurked a lot and am grateful for all of the information available here.


I’m selling off some gear to make room for my lusty purchase of a new D850 with Nauticam housing. Zoom Gear Rings, Sync cords (ikelite and Sea & Sea), Nikon D80 with Sea & Sea housing, Ikelight DS125 strobes. Equipment condition is all good, and listed. I have done my best to price items appropriately but offers are welcomed! Price List is at the bottom. :)

Price list and photos are below.

Ian 321-298-9671



















You may be laughing at the camera, saying she's an older girl, BUT you can be shooting underwater for less than the cost of one lens! PLUS, this setup is a known fish magnet! And she only brings in friendly sharks and pretty girls, just take a look. ;)



Fish Magnet!



Friendly, very friendly shark. ;) (Fun fact: the girl is also pretty under that wetsuit.)



Pretty girl.


What more can you want from a camera?

I will ship anywhere. If you are new to Underwater Photography, I will be happy to be a source of help for as long as you want.


Now please buy some gear!







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I've received several messages regarding this gear asking questions, so I'll answer common questions here.


If you buy the housing and body, I will be happy to put together a package deal for you.


The gear rings really are unused. They were purchased, and then set aside. My stupid ordering impulse is your gain.


If you have any more questions, please let me know.

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I want the DS125's, consider them sold

I don't know why my profile showed up as guest but I'll take the strobes

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The strobes have been sold. Thank you to everyone for the interest in the gear.

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