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Professional Underwater Sound Equipment, Open ROV, Equinox Housing and Camera Kit

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Hey Everyone,

So i've decided to sell off some old gear so I can try and upgrade to new gear. I have a variety of things - so here we go. Please note I am open to offers!

Equinox Canon t3i Kit

I have a heavily used Equinox housing with the standard port for a Canon T3i. I am also including the Canon T3i (with two batteries and the charger) without a lens. I am unsure of the quantity of actuations on this camera, but it is quite low (i'm going to estimate approximately 10K). This system is not for a professional but rather for someone who is interested in getting into underwater photography and wants to learn. The system never flooded and is super easy to use! I am looking to sell it for $600 (housing + camera body) or Best Offer. If you are interested, please message me.
Equinox Housing for Canon T3i
1 Dome Port for standard 10-22mm lens
Weighted handles to facilitate proper buoyancy and maneuverability
Canon T3i
2 x Canon T3i Batteries
Canon T3i Battery Charger
OpenROV Kit
I have a never used OpenROV system. This system comes with multiple sets of batteries (if I can figure out how to ship them) and two battery chargers. I also have a laminated set of instructions that I made that go along with the kit so you can operate the ROV. In addition, the OpenROV team sent me three additional propeller motors so I am going to throw them in as well. This system comes with a nicely maintained yellow pelican case so if you are into underwater exploration, this is a pretty cool piece of equipment. I am looking to sell it for $1000 or Best Offer.
Cetacean Research Underwater Speaker and Hydrophone
This is a random post but thought i'd see if there was any interest. About a year ago, I purchased an underwater hydrophone kit (SQ26-H1) to record whale and dolphin vocalizations and a lubell labs underwater professional speaker to reply these sounds (LL916H-025). This is a professional kit, but I never used this system and it is collecting dust. If you or someone you know may be interested in this, message me and I can give you all the details.
I paid $2500 for the whole kit, but am willing to let it all go for $2000.
Included is:
SQ26-H1 Underwater Recording System. Includes: SQ26-08 Hydrophone w/30m cable Zoom H1 24-bit/96kHz Digital Recorder w/USB Cable 16GB microSD Memory Card 12-18V Dual USB power adapter

High Fidelity Miniature Speaker Waterproof Case with Custom Anti-Static Foam Sensitivity = -xxx.xxdB, re. 1V/╬╝Pa

Lubell Labs model LL916H-025 Portable 180dB 20V Professional underwater speaker. Blue 150 mil PVC finish, suspension harness (no cage), 25' cable. Must be ordered with AC series transformer box listed below. 1 @ 16 lbs / 12 IN x 12 IN x 9 IN.

Lubell Labs model AC202C 50W transformer box. 1/4" mono phone jack input, 8 ohm load.

Speco PAT-20TB portable 20W amplifier for use with underwater speakers.

Custom adapter cable to connect hydrophone output to Speco amplifier input. Modify speaker output cable on Speco to allow for easy connection to transformer input.

Thanks for looking,






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