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Advice on starting from scratch??

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Hey everyone, I am buying my first underwater housing setup for my Nikon D7100 and was hoping for some feedback on the setup I was thinking of buying please?

- Ikelite 200DL Housing
- Tokina 10-17 fisheye lens + 8" Compact Dome + zoom gear
- Ikelite DS51 strobes x2 + dual sync cord
- TTL hotshoe + converter
- Ikelite arms/clamps 7" + 7" x2

Do you guys have any opinions on Ikelite vs BigBlue arms/clamps? I was looking into buying Ultralight arms as well but B&H photo does not sell them and that is where I am getting the rest of my equipment...

Thanks in advance, any advice is much appreciated!

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You will most likely not be happy with the light output from the ikelite ds51 strobes with the Tokina wide angle lens. I would suggest that you get at least one of not two ikelite ds-160 strobes. You will need a strobe cord also Sync Cord Two Ikelite Strobes to Ikelite Bulkhead Product # 4103.52 $ 160.00.


You will also want Right-Hand Quick Release Handle # 4077.02 , Shutter Trigger Extension # 4077.93. You will need some floats to get the system neutral in the water and I would suggest STIX floats as the will fit the ikelite arms. you will probably need 8 large floats. I would also suggest that you purchase the Vacuum Pump with Gauge # 47011.


I have an Ikelite D7000 system. Your next purchase should be a 60mm lens, 18-55 lens, and a flat port.


Bill Libecap

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