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Getting started with Video... Share with me your settings ?

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Hello Everyone!



I am about to head to Fiji with my new setup and plan to primarily shoot video during this trip...

I am new shooting video using a DSLR (D850 w/Nikon 16-35 and a Nikon 8-15) so I need some pointers...


I understand the baseline settings is to have your shutter speed double your frame rate (30 FPS = 1/60th) etc. and an ISO that gives you the exposure you're after...


However, I know we all vary from the baseline so I am curious to know what you video shooters are using as a starting point.

Are you shooting at 30 or 60fps normally? I like the idea of being able to slow things down so the higher frame rate is appealing... Also, for ISO, has anyone noticed a threshold on the D850 where they've noticed a drastic degradation from noise? Lastly, what focus modes are you using or do you suggest?


Any and all suggestions welcome... Hoping to reduce my learning curve and come back with some great videos:)



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