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Are the Ikelite 4403 slave triggers complete junk or is it just me?

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I love Ikelite gear and really think it might be me.


I used to love Ikelite EV Manual Controllers. They triggered reliably, almost no issues, but now I have broken most of them and I've moved on to the 4403 slave triggers.


I remember chatting with Ikelite at Dema after they announced the first version of 4403 triggers and explaining how they should make the same version but with a bigger window so you could use them for remote triggering, and I was so glad when they released that product.


But i can't get the darn things to trigger!


One out of every 30-60 shots, at a distance of 5-15 feet, in clear water caves of Florida, results in the slave strobe firing at all.


Every shot, 100%, on land in a dark room, at similar distances, works fine.


I don't know what to do, other than dumping the Ikelite gear for slave strobes and moving to TriggerFish, but I don't want 2 types of strobes, and I really, really love Ikelite gear. But if I can't get remote strobes to work, consistently, then I have no option. Cave photographry without working slave strobes, is boring.


Anyone have 4403 triggers working in caves?

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