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Olympus E-PL5 complete kit

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Hello, i'm selling my complete kit, in a very good condition, camera and lenses used only in the housing, never flooded, cleaned and lubricated after each dive, no scratches on ports. Approx. 100 dives.. I got very good results with it, but i have much less time to dive now, so i think it can make someone else happy.


Olympus E-PL5, 14-42, 9-18 a 60mm macro lenses, Olympus PT-EP10 and Zen WA-100

Package contains:

Olympus E-PL5, flash, charger, 2x battery

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm 1:3,5-5,6 II R

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 9-18mm 1:4-5,6 + lens shade + zoom ring

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm 1:2,8 Macro + lens shade

Olympus PT-EP10 + stock port

Olympus PMLA-EP01 67mm macro lens adapter for stock port

Zen WA-100 wide angle port for 9-18mm

Olympus PENPAL PP-1

Price: 1400 eur

I can also add dual handle base with arms and manual Sea&Sea YS-02 strobe with optical cable for + 250 eur. Total price 1650 eur.

I am located in Slovakia, Europe but I can ship worldwide.


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