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Sony RX 100 mark III Vs Sony RX 100 Mark VI underwater setup

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Hello everyone

This is my first post, nice to meet you all!! Thanks in advance for any advice.

I have a few questions.


I am currently working on a tropical Island in the Indian Ocean which has great opportunities for underwater photography. I love free diving and spearfishing. I am wanting to get a better underwater setup that will allow me to take quality photos I could potentially enlarge and print as well as have capabilities to get better Macro shots.


Below is a link to the first underwater film I have put together.




(I should add I know its wrong to touch turtles I found out later it is frowned upon amongst the scuba community I free dive and didn't know this, won't be doing it again)


I prefer still photos and have been using GoPro's for years I have the Hero 6 but your limited with what you can do and everything looks small due to the wide angle lens.


I have been researching the last month and was tossing up between buying an expensive DSLR setup eg Cannon 5D Mark III or IV. Serious money though that would leave me with nothing hehe....


I should add I also want a good camera for on land so I can start taking better photos of landscapes as well. I decided against this and long story short due to funds I have been thinking about getting the


CanonRX 100 mark III It is on sail now for $749AUD with a spare battery and the housing for $599 to go with it. Thats a total of $1348, once I get and SD card Im looking at close to $1500 which I feel is reasonable.


But will my photos still be good enough? I understand I can still film in full HD with the Mark III however i would love the 120FPS in the Mark VI


I would also be happy to get the Canon Mark VI but would it be worth the price $1699 plus I would still need a housing which I won't be able to get anytime soon anyway?


I guess what I am trying to ask is would it be silly to buy such an old camera, or do you think due to the price its still a good deal and should be able to perform and do what I need it to do take quality photos.


Cheers guys its been bloody confusing reading up about all the different options..

: )



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I think you mean the Sony RX-100, but should also maybe look at the Canon G7X as it's a touch cheaper. Have a look at this article to compare features, go down to advanced compacts.




Unfortunately the "best" camera has the smallest choice in housings, note also they are talking about the MkV Sony, the MkVI is much less suitable for UW work.Read this to see why: http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/sony-rx100vi-camera-review so far only Nauticam have made a housing for it. It's all a compromise really all have their pluses and minuses, for example a limitation on the Sony means white balance for UW video at depth does not work. The Canon white balances well but no 4K etc. For stills the macro on the G7X is better. At this point your choice is going to be set by housing availability to a certain extent. If you don't want to shell out for an aluminium housing then the Sony MkVI is out and the Panasonic you can only go with an Ikelite box.


Which housing are you looking to buy?, you're talking AUD, so presumably you are looking to buy out of Oz, which means your choices will be more limited. Presumably it's the Fantasea housing which by all accounts is a good choice if you're on a budget and are looking at the Canon or the MkIv-V Sony's.


You also don't mention strobes, that's the single biggest thing to improve the quality of your UW shots. Look at getting an INON S2000 strobe as well.

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Thank heaps Sting Ray

hehe Yes I meant the Sony RX 100. Yeah I understand its all a comprimise. Well f I go the Sony RX 100 mark III that will leave me enough money to get a light/strobe and a few other extras. Thats great Ill look into that strobe. Yep I am in Australia and yes there is not many option with the housing.
Currently the Sony housing fits all the RX 100 series except for the newest one mark 6. So I will most likely get an older RX 100 series sony cam then I can get the housing straight away plus it will leave me a little cash to look into strobes...


Great advice thanks heaps Sting Ray.


Cheers Justin

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