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Selling: Nauticam sony alpha6000 setup 3 lenses 3 dome 2 strobes

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4500AUD the whole setup


Selling sony alpha6000 in Nauticam housing plus 3 lenses (macro, rectilinear, fisheye) and relative ports/domes. Everything in perfect conditions. All the ports and lenses in immaculate conditions.


List with prices (price brand new in bracket):


400AUD (650AUD) Sony alpha6000


1500AUD(2450AUD) Nauticam housing + left & right handles


400AUD(550AUD) Sony pancake fisheye


450AUD(650AUD) Nauticam 4.33 acrylic dome port for above lens


280(330AUD) Sony E 30mm f3.5 macro lens


550AUD(612AUD) Nauticam 45 macro port with knob for above lens


800AUD(1000AUD) Sony SEL1018 Wide-angle zoom lens - 10 mm - 18 mm - F/4.0


480AUD(585AUD) Nauticam 6” Acrylic wide-angle dome port for above lens


420AUD(517AUD) Nauticam N85 to N120 60mm Port Adaptor 36204


800AUD(1020AUD) 2x Sea & Sea YS01 Strobe









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