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Lake Michigan wreck of the Thomas Hume

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Our group dove the Thomas Hume with Double Action Dive Charters last Friday. We are working on collecting video for a presentation about wreck diving on the Great Lakes. This will be presented to our local dive club in a month or two. Along with some prior videos and another dive weekend coming up.

Anyway, been shooting stills forever, pretty green with this video stuff, especially underwater. This was all shot with a Panasonic G9, GoPro 5 and a drone I used to have....

Not much drone footage as you will see. My piloting skills from moving objects need work.

All that said, I’d love feedback. Good and bad. Still working on stability, white balance, color grading and transitions.

G9 housing was positively buoyant and that didn’t help. Dove it without my strobes and that was a mistake from a buoyancy perspective. Taking the video setup to the pool this weekend to get it weighted properly without strobes.

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