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EM1 Mark ii Complete set up. Camera, lenses, housings +

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I have a complete EM1 Mark ii with Nauticam Housing. Its has less than 1 year of use. Im selling cause I now shoot with Nikon D850. Below is the brand new price... and Im looking for about 65% of brand new price. Please let me know if you are interested.


Brand New $$

EM1 Mark ii Body $1,699

Olympus 12-55 Lens $499

Port & Gears. $800

Nauticam Housing

And Vacuum System. $2120

Olympus 8mm fisheye. $899

Olympus 60mm. $399

Port. $300

Panasonic 7-14mm. $799

Port and Zoom ring. $1099

SMC-1 Diopter. $480

Flip Adapter $260

CMC - 2. $290

Flip Adapter. $220

Olympus 75-300mm. $499


Total Brand New. $10,363


Also have Wet Wide Angel lens that I just have to find... I been gone fore a few months and need to remember where I put it :)


I have pictures but they are too large and Im not sure how to make them smaller with my ipad....

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Oh shoot, if only you had posted this 3 months ago! I just bought pretty much the same shopping list in July. Bugger, bad timing on my part.


Anyway, if either of those flip diopters is for the M67 macro port, Nauticam part #25101, I'd like to buy it. Shipping would be to San Diego

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