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Edwin Westenberg

Lens for tresher sharks

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I've only been there once, so take this for what it's worth. On my four days, the threshers did not come so close. I was using a 7-14 zoom on m4/3 so 14-28 FF equivalent, and was at the long end all of the time. So a moderate wide angle zoom would be my recommendation.


Conditions are also very dark at 05:00 and 30m, so a fast aperture is important.

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was there twice, means two trips, 5 times first one, 3 times second one.
one time with an Oly m43 setup OMD E5. The lens i used was the 12mm f2. Much to dark, had to turn the Iso to 1600 and thats not a good idea for that camera.
Second time, becuase of that, i changed back to a Dslr rig, it was a Nikon D500 with the Sigma 18- 35mm f1,8. Iso up to 2000.

Would take a 20 to 35mm fast lens.

Depending on day and divers, sharks will come close or stay away....
Vis can be very different, depending a lot on the other divers and current direction...
Its dark and more green than blue there......
Try to shoot in serial mode, had the impression that the sound of the clicking shutter was interesting for the shark.
They are nosy ;-)) but shy...

There are lines under water that show the border for divers, funnily some groups came in front of me, while i was taking pics....
A pitty is, that some centers combinate the deep special with the thresher dive...
So there are groups of students filling out forms, kicking up silt while you sit nearby.

Try sunday morning, that will reduce the ships / divers a bit.
Party kids will miss the early start ;-))

And plan 3 dives for the sharks. First year i did 5, two were just a shark in distance, no pic, two were nice, and the last one was great...

Take a surface cam with you, the sunrise can be great.

Have fun there and good pics,



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Guest daps59

i was now 4 times in malapascua.2007, 2009, 2012 and 2018.


The first 3 times, the depth of the divesites was ca. 20m, there the sharks came closer and the view was much better, because it was not so depth.

The last time 2018 the place was much deeper, 30 m, it was dark and the sharks come not Close, because of the very much diver there.

It was really bad, so much diver there.


If you want to go there, i think too, that e 20to 35mm fast lens iis better then 10-18mm, which i had.



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