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Olympus set up for Travel light

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I'm looking for some advice about a set up for my Olympus em1 mark ii on the Olympus housing, as I travel a lot with dive gear (moving to different country every 3 or for months for work) my first and most important priority is to travel light so I'm looking at a set up with 1 max 2 ports.


My lens selection would be:

Oly 9-18 for wa

Oly 12-40 for reef dives

Oly 60mm for macro

Maybe in the future the 8mm FE


So for ports i was thinking about various irons for remain within the limit of weight and budget (for the limited amount of fun dive i do compared to the work dives I can't justify 1000$ just for 1 port):

1) Aoi dlp-10 and diopter holder, this port seems too me the best solution for my needs being small quite cheap and able to accommodate for all the 3 lenses (even if for the 12-40 i would have to buy a not cheap at all extension)


2) inon dome port Olympus ep02 this one is as well light and reasonably cheap and can do good with the 9-18 and even the 8mm FE but I can't find out any review about how it will perform with the 60mm nor if will be possible to use it with the 12-40


3) Olympus ppo-ep02 definitely the heavier and most expensive of the 3 but from my understanding would be able to do great with 12-40 9-18 and 8FE and still a good job on the 60mm macro


4) ?


So these are my best guess based on what i found online, any suggestion?


Thanks ;)

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With my E-M1 mkI and Olympus housing (same port system as the mkII), I use this Inon port:


For use in the Olympus OMD housings, you will need the PAD-EP08 adapter. With just the adapter, you can use the Olympus 8mm Pro fisheye and a few other smaller wider lenses (I may try the Panasonic-Leica 15mm lens at some point). Add a 2" Olympus extension like this one:


...and you can use the Olympus 7-14 Pro, Olympus 12-40 Pro, and the Panasonic 8-18. I have successfully used all three lenses with this combination. You can also use 2 1" extensions if they're easier to find, but that gives you one more o-ring to worry about. The 60mm macro will also work with the dome and 2" extension, but of course it's not ideal. In my case, I travel with the Inon dome and the Olympus macro port:


...with that port, I now prefer to use the Olympus 30mm macro as I think it's a little bit more useful underwater unless you're shooting for really tiny things. My favorite combination is the 12-40 and the Inon 170mm dome. I've also used the 12-40 with the Olympus PPO-E02 flat port, which is nice on the 40mm end but not so good on the 12mm end. One good thing about it is that you can use a swing away wet lens adapter for macro stuff, but I'd still rather use the Inon dome and just crop for small things.

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Do you have to have the 12-40? The rest is a small set and needs a tiny dome set. I shot/shoot the 9-18 and 60 macro behind the zen 100mm and it is a small travel set up. The 8mm Panasonic needs another dome, but it is small.



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