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Sea & Sea 0.56X Digital Wide Conversion Lens, 55mm Threads

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I bought this modified externally-mounted wide angle lens several years ago to add some width to my old compact system. Unfortunately, because it had been modified--the bayonet mount exchanged for 55m threads--I had to use a step-up ring (40-55mm) to attach it, and the extra distance from my port demanded a touch of zoom to prevent vignetting, which narrowed the angle of view, so, after six or seven dives, it got bunted to the back of the dive locker.


0.56X means if you have a 28mm lens on your compact camera, multiply by .56 for a resulting focal length of 15.68mm (reverse of using a 1.4x or 2.0x teleconverter for instance). It should work on any compact housing with a 55mm filter thread. (I know FantaSea still sells wide lenses of this size, but don't know which brand of housings uses them. Most Olympus are 52mm or 67mm as I recall.) The most important factor besides thread size for these lenses is the distance from the camera lens to the port glass. The closer the lens is to the port, the wider the image.


The area where the 55mm threads were substituted looks a bit rough, as you can see in the pics, but it's watertight, yields sharp images, and the lenses are very clean. I hope someone can find a use for this. I'm asking $35 plus cost of shipping. Please write with any questions.





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