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FS: Olympus Tough TG-5 + Seafrogs Housing + Wide Angle Wet Correctional Dome

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I am selling a pretty new TG-5 setup (4 months old). This setup is very good for beginners who want to start up underwater photography. The TG-5 Microscope mode is very good for macro photography that you do not need to use a macro wet lens to shoot critters.

The TG-5 does not come with warranty because it was bought from Amazon.

Looking to sell the entire set for SGD 1000 nett.

Can split the items as follows:

1. Camera + Housing @ SGD850 nett

2. Wide angle lens @ SGD 200 nett

Looking to deal in Singapore.

Olympus Tough TG-5 includes:

1. Camera

2. USB Charging Cable

3. Charging plug (2-pin US)

4. Battery

5. Warranty card (Amazon US)

6. Manual

Seafrog Housing for TG-5 includes:

1. Housing

2. Manual

3. Wrist strap

4. Screen shade

5. Spare O-ring, cleaning cloth, and lubricant

6. Neck strap

7. Anti-fog inserts

The unique features on the Seafrog Housing that outperforms the Olympus original housing are:

1. Depth rated to 60 meters

2. Double threaded front 52mm & 67mm

3. Dual O-ring seals with Leak Detector

4. Dual fiber optic ports on the side so that the cables do not cross path with the lens

Disclaimer: There is a small spot on the housing front glass, but I did a test shot with the camera in the housing and the spot cannot be seen in the picture.

Test shot:

Wide Angle Wet Correctional Dome:

Sample underwater shots taken with this setup and strobes (For macro shots, no lens was used):

Wide angle


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