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Weh Island Indonesia with GH5

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Hi all,


Though I share my last diving video clip on Weh island, Indonesia. It was my first trip using the GH5 after about 3 years with GH4.


Weh Island is at the Andaman Sea, northwest of Sumatra. A small volcanic island at north western border of Indonesia. The diving part was beautiful, viz was good during our time diving there and there is plenty of interesting diving spot to go from ship wreck to underwater volcano.


I use GH5 with Nauticam housing, with 2x 6000 lumens BigBlue dive light. I use mostly the Lumix 8mm fish eye with nauticam acrylic dome and some shoot with Lumix 7-14 and Nauti 180cm glass dome.


The part I like to most about the GH5 is, apart from its IS, its captured of WB is to my liking. I edit the clip with Premiere and use its Lumetri preset effect. Drop the Cinespace 50 and voala! Love the blue its generate for uw scene.


Anyhow, I'm no pro, I shoot just for a hobby to capture holiday diving memories. Comments and/or critics are always welcome and I do suggest you visit Weh island Indonesia or put it on your diving bucket list.





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