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Nauticam 67 mm Flip adapter on Isotta Port? Or Nauticam Port on Isotta Housing

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Hi all,


is this combination possible:


Nauticam 67 mm Flip Adapter with CMC 1 on Isotta Port 67 mm?


Or Saga Flip adapter with CMC-1?


Or is it possible to use a Nauticam Makro Port on Isotta for Plympus omd1 mII housing with 60 mm Macro or 12-50 mm (would be my favourite) ???


Which combination would you use? At the end minimum I would like to use CMC-1 for my 60 mm Macro with flip adapter. Closest to Port as possible ...








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Hi Susanne,
send Manfred from Unterwasserkamera.at a mail.
He is doing Adapters....
I am using a Nauticam macro port on my Hugy....

The Nauticam macro wet lenses are a bit tricky, the thread is not at the absolute end of the wet lens....
So you will need some space between wet lens and port front glas!


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