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Using close-up filters with PT-015

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Hi guys!


I am new in the wetpixel forum. Let's see if I can add or take somethin' from it!! I hope so!! :wink:


I am just an amateur photographer. I take my camera with me underwater because I just enjoy diving more that way. But for some reason my equipment is getting more and more bulky day to day...


But let me ask my first question to you all: I am a bit frustrated with the macro capabilities of my camera, not only the slow focus but also the magnifying power of its lens. This is why I have thought of close-up filters. Yes, I know I could have chosen a macro lens, but the difference is 300€ to 43€, so I decided to give the filters a try. I have chosen 67mm threaded filters of x1, x2, x4 and x8.


Does anyone have any experience with a similar set-up? Do you know which problems I may face? Focusing problems perhaps?


Thanks for any comment!

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