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Latest Podcast with Dr Mark Erdmann of Conservation International

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Hello all, just wanted to let you know that our latest Podcast is now available. This episode features Dr Mark Erdmann of Conservation International.

Mark is a long time resident of Indonesia who was a leading proponent of the creation of the Raja Ampat Marine Preserve and other areas around West Papua. He is a Marine Scientist who does a lot of fish research and is the co author of Reef Fishes of the East Indies with Dr Gerry Allan.

In a very informative conversation, Mark discusses the challenges of marine conservation throughout the world, the history of Raja Ampat as a dive destination, and a whole bunch of other goodies in a wide ranging discussion. One of the highlights is that he states he is very optimistic about the future of our oceans.

Check out the links below to either watch the episode on Youtube or listen to it via iTunes or Soundcloud.

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