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Hi guys,


I am looking for a wide angle wet lens to attach onto my SeaFrogs / Meikon Salted Line housing for the Sony a6300. With the macro port attached to it I have a 67mm thread for a Wet Lens. Inside is the SEL1855 kit lens.


Does anyone use that set up and knows if there will be vignetting because of the macro port?


Is anyone using the CamDive / KitDive Wide Angle Wet Lens: https://seafrogs.com.hk/products/wide-angle-wet-correctional-dome-port-lens-67mm-round-adapter ?



Thanks a lot for your help guys! :)


Best regards,



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Hi Ricardo,

I use this wet lens. My very humble setup is this...

Sony A6000 in Neewer housing.

Sigma 19mm f2. 8

Meikon kit dive wet lens on 67mm flip adapter.


I'm on my 2nd wet lens. The first one, after about 100 ish dives, got what I can only describe as mould. It's semi circular in shape but it's on the inside of the flat glass, not the dome itself. Weird. I bought it off ebay so understandably Meikon didn't want to know. Bought a 2nd directly from Meikon. It hasn't done the same.


The dome gets a lot of flare. So I use it only when light is favourable, hence the flip adapter. It's cheap and I guess you get what you pay for. It good when you are very close to your subject. But I find myself using it less and less as it does affect image quality.


As an aside, I used the 16-50 kit lens at first, then saw a huge improvement when I got the Sigma.


There is some vignette but I find it mostly correctable in LR. The wet lens makes the IQ very soft in the edges.


2019 is (hopefully) the year I upgrade to FF.

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