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Donald A

Great White Cage Diving Isla Guadalupe

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Another one from my trip to Isla Guadalupe with Jimi Partington and Shark Diving Xperts and Islander Charters out of San Diego.

This shark is known as Ropey due to a rope that encircles her head that her skin has now grown over. Sad.

I really like the lines of this photo - the rope to the bait, her approaching, and the mackerel and smelt leaving. I also like the details of the bite marks on her side and the reflections off the underside of the water surface.

I am very disappointed I cut off her tail. I shot this using a 16-35 f2.8L ii at 35mm. I should have zoomed out but things happen so quickly. I'm still new at this.

Nauticam housing, Canon 5Diii, 16-35 f2.8L ii at 35mm, f8.0, 1/500s, ISO 800, manual exposure metered on the bait, shot raw and processed in LR.

C&C/feedback welcome please. Thanks.


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